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Sunday, June 10, 2012

For the Last Time...For Now

In case my long absence hadn't tipped you off, which I'm sure it did, I'm no longer running this.  For now.  If in the future it feels right again, I will revive this baby.  But of late, I've found it draining me and making me feel guilty that I'm not on top of my reading, my reviewing and so forth.  I want to thank all of you who read along and commented and supported me.  I've enjoyed the interactions immensely.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Lost Me There Review and Discussion

You Lost Me There

by Rosecrans Baldwin  

genre: fiction

You Lost Me There peers into the life and memories of an Alzheimer's research scientist, Victor after he has lost his wife.  Victor finds his life proceeding on a collision course with his grief.  As he attempts to make sense of the marriage he had and the future he's looking for, he discovers papers written by his late wife delving into her feelings about the marriage and how it had proceeded over its course.  Rosecrans Baldwin explores the realm of perception and skillfully reveals that what one person experiences can be all too opposite of another in the very same situation.

I enjoyed this book and at one point found myself unable to put it down.  I felt a sort of sympathetic frustration for the lead character and his inability to truly take control of his life.  When he discovers his wife's papers, at first I thought 'man this guy's idea of his marriage is so skewed' and as he continues to read and recount how he acted in the marriage, I started to think 'when is this woman going to cut this guy a break?'  It seemed as though, according to her idea of his involvement in the marriage and her life, that he could never satisfy her.  First she wants him more involved, then she says he's too involved and then she laments that he pulled away from her.  What in the heck did she want?  This led me to wonder if I am that fickle in my own marriage.  I hope not.

I thought some of the supporting characters were annoying and not all that necessary, especially the daughter of Victor's friend.  His friend I understood to be a point of tension in the novel, but the daughter was merely irritating.  The son of his aunt-in-law could also grate on my nerves as serving only to flit in and out of the novel acting spoiled until the very end when he begins to play a more significant role, albeit erratic.  And while his partner at the labs offered a more congenial contrast to the other characters floating around him, her character also felt peripheral without much purpose.

I did find myself reading late into the night as I felt more and more drawn into the novel, which eventually led to my pure disappointment in the end of the novel.  His last note seemed so out of character, so sentimentally wistful, I didn't find it believably 'Victor'.  Though the end's fizzle most likely held true to life, I found it anti-climactic and disappointing because I felt like this man I had invested so much emotion into and rooted for had not finished his story arch, he had not reached some point of personal growth to my satisfaction.

Overall the novel is well written and engaging.  The idea of memories and how we build those not as truths based on fact, but as truths to our own perception certainly intrigued me.  Though I was left feeling disappointed in the ending, that could not overshadow the fact that most of the novel drew me in.


What were your thoughts on the novel's overall ideation?  What did you feel the supporting characters added to the novel, if they did add anything for you?  Did you find yourself satisfied with the ending?  What were your thoughts on the disparate views of the marriage between Victor and Sara?

(I've thrown out a few questions to try something new - answer if you want or answer others, or ask others.  Let's have some fun with this.)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book Discussion this Week

Hey, since we've got the new book to get to, let's do a review and discussion of You Lost Me There.  I'm thinking Thursday.  What do you say?

Thursday, February 2nd.  See you here.

In the meantime, were you able to get a hold of A Week at the Airport?  This one should go rather quickly, it is not a cumbersome book, but I am looking forward to the meat of it on the inside.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Book Opening ready!

I have a video ready.  I think you're going to enjoy this one.  We're trying some new stuff.  Check back around 10 am Wednesday (Jan 25th), watch with delight!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I know I missed this book opening deadline.  Sorry.  Trying to get to it but I wanted to at least check in here and let you know that I am working on it.  Hopefully once I do make it, it will be silly enough to make you laugh.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Opening to Come

Monday.  Video for book five will be posted up.  Woot.  We're nearly half done, how's that for moving along?

Speaking of moving along, how is the reading going with You Lost Me There?  If you've gotten far enough we could think about talking the book over next week sometime.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Goals and Getting a Ruling

Goodreads has a 2012 reading challenge.  You pick how many books you want to read in the year, plug that in and Goodreads tracks your progress for you.
So, this year I've decided to make it a goal to read 50 books.  I think it doesn't sound like much but I didn't even read half that last year.  Here's hoping I do a much better job this year.  I have a question for you.  Would you count books that you re-read in the year as one towards the goal number?  I'm torn on this one. After all, reading a book is reading a book, but if it's a repeat, maybe that makes it too easy?  Yes, torn on this one.  Tell me what you think.  And have you made any goals concerning reading this year?