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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where have you been?

You might well ask that of me.  Around, I'll tell you.  But, the good news is, it is time to start moving on the club again!  Therefore, tomorrow will be the Sh*t My Dad Says review and discussion and we are reading Temperance and hopefully will be able to do a review and discussion by next week or the week after depending on your readiness.  How cool is that?

Which also means, we should do a book opening next week, that way you have time to put your requests in to your local library for the next book.  I'd say Tuesday would be a good day.

So, in summary:

  • Sh*t My Dad Says official review and discussion Friday, December 9th
  • Start reading Temperance right now, no I mean this minute! (not really)
  • Opening of Book 4 on Tuesday, December 13th
See you back tomorrow.

P.S. Kevin Spacey posted a comment on The Big Short with some questions he had about the book.  I'm going to get my book out and dig into it again to see if I can answer (though I'm just no financial guru).  If anyone else out there that has read the book can answer his questions - please chime in.  Thanks

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