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Friday, December 9, 2011

Sh*t My Dad Says Review and Discussion

Sh*t My Dad Says

by Justin Halpern

genre: memoir, humor

Justin Halpern's father is a bottomless well of in-your-face wise but crass quotes.  I expected to be humored, possibly to the point of laughing out loud.  I hadn't expected to laugh through the entire book or that I would actually like his dad.

As a character in life, this guy likely ticks off people left and right simply due to his uncouth manner and lack of social filter.  That said, if you listen long enough you'll hear that he's not a scary flippant but a softy with a side of common sense.  His devotion to his children and to people in dire straits shows up often enough to make him lovable.

As for the writing in the book, it has a folksy feel to it, only this folksy includes a lot of swearing.  Anyone who gets offended by foul language should not read this book, but then the title should have warned you off in the first place.  Format wise I liked how he would tell a little anecdotal story at the beginning of each chapter and then end the chapter with straight up quotes from his dad.  I get the feeling only the good stuff was put in, as in, his dad might have acted worse on occasions but we're getting the publishable version.  That said, if you were writing a humorous book about your dad, wouldn't you write it that way?

The best thing about this book is plainly explained by its title.  I cried laughing and often interrupted my husband's reading to share quotes that were cracking me up.  I believe every good reading regimen needs light and fun books thrown in to the mix.  This fits that bill in spades.

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De said...

I'm usually lagging behind popular culture, and this was no exception. I believe it was during my brief foray into Twitter that I started following Sh*t... because another friend of mine was. And I didn't like it that much. I didn't laugh very often. I failed at Twitter, too, so I chalked it up to me being out of touch and didn't give it another thought until the book came up here.

Given the back story and context in the book, I laughed and laughed out loud continuously. I wonder how someone with such an astute mind can be so crass and can't bring myself to describe the Dad as "likeable." I enjoyed his wit and admired his wisdom, even to the point of admitting to my husband that there probably is something to his parenting techniques....but I'll deny that if I need to.