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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What We're Reading

Is anyone out there reading Sh*t My Dad Says?  Is anyone out there?

This book is a great little breeze to read.  Sometimes it's fun to have a lighter book to get the reader ball rolling.  I'm enjoying this one for that.

I think, since the book is going to be a fast read once you get it, I'd like to do another opening this Friday.  That way, new book procurement can begin.  We can post up a review and discussion for this one sometime next week.  What do you say?

Anyone?  Anyone?


De said...

I put it (and three or four other books) on hold at the library today. They are all available, so when I get there to pick them up, I will be in clover. I am about half way through Lamb by Christopher Moore, but now that the lights are on and I have to go back to work after an 8-day power outage, the reading has slowed down.

Lynnea said...

De, I'm glad you got hold of it. 8 days without power? Man that's horrible. I'm thinking about posting up the review/discussion next Wednesday. Too early for you? Let me know.

De said...

I finished this one a while ago and am ready to start on the next one (in between books for my IRL book club). Laughed out loud the entire time.

Lynnea said...