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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Have You Started?

Were you able to get a hold of the book:  The Woman Behind the New Deal?  If you were, did you start reading it yet?

I started just last night and three chapters in I'm liking it.  I will wait till the end to give a full opinion, but so far, an interesting woman to read about.

I wanted to ask if anyone  had the chance to read Plastic Fantastic?  I will admit I have not finished it.  I started it just before my family went into chaos.  Now that things are much more orderly, I'm picking that one back up too.

So that's it.  Wanted to check in.  Oh, and I'm so excited.  Did you realize that (I know I mentioned it before but saying it just sounds so thrilling) The Woman Behind the New Deal is the last book in the second set?  You know what that means!  Set three, baby.  Oh yeah.  Once we've finished this lovely biography, we'll be staring at ten beautiful new brown paper wrapped books and drooling to dig in.  Tell your friends.  Let's have a stupendous Brown Book Year!