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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When Sadness Abounds

I just finished reading a review of Toby Barlow's book Sharp Teeth in which the author himself commented on the review (nothing like the recent debacle of a certain self-published author who completely lost her cool over a negative review and started swearing at the blogger and commenters - not classy).  Toby Barlow discussed marketing and the free verse novel following the reviewers speculation that the book was essentially in verse form for marketability.  Mr. Barlow astutely pointed out the actual downfalls for an author of a free verse novel, or poets all together for that matter.  It is an older post from 2008 but I appreciated the albeit short but in depth discussion for several reasons, one of which being that in spite of common internet behavior norms, these people displayed the kind of class and thoughtfulness we ascribe to many great philosophers and debaters.  Read Here.

This of course brought me back here, a place I have of recent seriously neglected.  For whatever reasons, I shall hold private, I have been wallowing in my own sadness and have been mostly absent from internet places including this one.  However, I also recalled after reading this, how much we loved Toby Barlow's book and how much I love this space, and that made me sad too. Instead of continuing on this melancholy immobility, I would like to revive this poor limping little club.  I previously mentioned that I had already purchased ten books for the next set of brown books.  Why waste a good thing?  Let's dig in to the last book of set two, and then we can rev into set three.  I am hereby scheduling a book opening for Friday.  Book ten.

Please join me.  Let's read!


De said...

Awesome. Glad you're back here. I shall stop by on Friday.

Clowncar said...

I am sorry you are feeling sad (we've got some rather tumultuous health issues going on ourselves).

That was such a good book, and I like the discussion you linked to. I agree with Toby that it's a pretty big stretch to say writing a book in free verse is a marketing decision. Who reads free verse? Maybe it's a gimmick, but he pulls it off, and well, so who cares?

Anyway, great discussion.

I don't have much time to read these days, and so doubt I'll join in the club. But thanks one more time for turning me on to such a good book.

jaded said...

We are all entitled to take a mental health day or month if necessary. I fell behind in my personal reading so I too have taken a hiatus from book club, though not a permanent one.

~wishing you well.

Gordo said...

In all things, one must take care of YOU first. We so often forget that and then feel guilty or apologetic when we do.

I'm with Clowncar on Sharp Teeth. I absolutely loved it and would never have picked it up if it weren't for you. Thank you.

Lynnea said...

De, glad to still have you here!

Clowncar, Thank you we'll be all right. Sharp Teeth is still my favorite book so far. I hope you guys will be feeling better.

Jaded, I look forward to when you'll be able to return, and thank you for the kind words.

Gordo, you're welcome. Glad to see you here too. I hope we can find ourselves another book that we love as much in the coming reading sets!