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Monday, September 20, 2010

Let's Open a Book

Thanks for chiming in. Sounds like we could open a book and schedule a discussion for The Lost City of Z soon.

Let's open a book tomorrow. And how do you feel about discussing The Lost City of Z on Friday?

I'm excited to get reading again. How did your summers go and of course, the start up of school again?


Anonymous said...

OK. I've got to return some movies for the kids today, and they have "Z" in, so I'll give it another shot. Five days ought to be do-able.

Summer was fabulous. I had so much fun doing stuff with the kids, although it was hot and there was a lot of stress about the freaking air conditioning dying at our house.

School got off to a good start for the kids. Today i am going in to assist the art teacher and hopefully Lorenzo won't cry. If he does, then I won't go back.

I've given up looking for a job because the situation is just horrible.

How about your puppy??

Gordo said...

Somebody scooped Z on me when I was into the library last week, but it's there now. I'll get it tomorrow. I'm getting my six-year-old his first library card. :-D

Anonymous said...

Just finished Z today! Glad I went back and gave it a try.