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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Set Two, Book Four Opening


de said...

Wow! The summary on this one has me very excited, as well as the fact that it is IN at the library I have to visit tonight - Fiona is signed up to work on a mural there.

And I'm almost done with Finding Home. It does go quickly - I had to force myself to turn out the light and go to sleep last night rather than finish it.

Gordo said...

You've clearly lost your mind. LOL

meno said...

Oh! How can i resist? I love medical books!

Maggie said...

De, re:Finding Home - me too!
re:Weekends at Bellevue - hurray for libraries!

Gordo, I know, and I've been searching everywhere for it. Maybe the dog ate it.

Meno, resistance is futile.

jaded said...

Roses are red
and violets are blue (though artistically speaking purple)
I'm schizophrenic
and so am I.

Have it and reading it.