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Friday, July 30, 2010

Finding Home Discussion...aka Getting Caught Up

I think it's about time to get caught up don't you? Let's begin with Finding Home today. Tomorrow I will post up a discussion for Weekends at Bellevue and Monday we'll open the next book.

Finding Home

by Roisin McAuley

genre: romance

When a film company finds a house in the countryside for their period film, the question of what makes a home home becomes something of a quest for several people. Sometimes it is the physical land and house that generations of your family tree have lived in. Other times it is where a loved one has been buried. But mostly, it's where you give your heart. In the end, finding home for two key women comes from finding love.

It was said of this author that she 'is the new Maeve Binchy'. I have to confess I've never read a Maeve Binchy. However, I want to now. I loved this book. It is one of those guilty pleasures I think. It may not have the loftiness of some worthy books labeled literary fiction, and yet, it spoke to me on a level of common understanding. Universally held feelings and reactions can be appreciated without that label. And it was enjoyable. It often reminded me of Jane Austen's style in that it moved very quickly with constant interaction. The only gripe I had was the stalker ending. I mean it was fun, but it seemed a bit over the top. It just pushed my bounds of acceptance a nudge too far. But given that I enjoyed the entire book despite that, I'd say that nudge is forgivable.

I'm not often a romance reader other than Jane Austen books. In fact, I wasn't sure if you'd classify this as a romance except that it doesn't really fit any other genre that I can pinpoint. It certainly didn't feel like the trashier romance novels that are my quintessential cliche idea of romance books, which is incidentally why I don't really read them. I pretty much loathe those kinds. But this was sweet, a little exploratory of human nature and the conflict in it had a depth beyond the typical 'fiery woman pushes man away because she thinks he's a rogue even though she's terribly attracted to him until they finally end up together' type of story. All of which is to say that I enjoyed it enough to want to read more by Roisin McAuley and to pick up a Maeve Binchy too.

Your turn.