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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers Discussion

I am not formally reviewing this because that wouldn't be fair. I never finished it.

I will however say that I'm highly disappointed in it and even reaching toward angry. Yep, angry. Here's why. So many authors work so hard to get a book published. So many people are not reading today. So why, why, WHY would an author waste that opportunity by boring me to this degree? Why write something with so many holes in the first 100 pages that I find myself more disgusted than interested?

100 pages. I forged my way into 100 pages and still couldn't figure out why I should like these two characters. Why I should care about them. And I certainly didn't identify with them in the least. I kept telling my husband, "This is a guy's book." Because from my point of view, it read like an action flick plays. If we throw in enough bullets, nighttime escapades, cops and robbers, they'll love it! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. Wrong. Shoot outs are a winner right? Beeeeeeeeeeeh wrong.

I admit, the first few pages intrigued me. They appeared to be dead and yet weren't. They had holes in them the size of should-be-dead, and yet they weren't. Or were they? Or weren't they? Or were they? Yeah. Then we get the boys sneaking around the country looking gray and feeling pale. Where do they go? To their mom's of course! The one place the police would never look for them once their bodies are so blatantly found missing from the morgue. And what do the police tell their mother? 'Someone must have stolen the bodies.' Huh? So we have highly incompetent police, apparently a rather slow mortician and a couple of boys who have no memory of what happened and confidence that if they were thought of as dead, they could go just about anywhere. Huh?

So yeah. I just couldn't get into it. I couldn't get past these hang ups and the more I read the more angry I got that my time felt wasted. I wish I had liked it. I wish I had gotten it. I wish that the whole cops and robbers thing had done it for me. Unfortunately it didn't.

Here's my challenge. Anyone. One of you guys that regularly reads. Someone you know. Heck the author. Please convince me to finish reading this book. Give me reason enough to continue. Get me excited about it. I loathe that I bought this big beautiful book and now fear it will sit lonely upon the abandoned loser's shelf. Make me believe this is a winner and I will finish it. I will give it a proper review.


Gordo said...

Jeez, I am SO glad I didn't go buy this. I almost did after the library messed up my reservation and gave it to somebody else.

Honestly, life's too short to have reading be a chore. You're not in high school history class, so why read something that doesn't grab you?

meno said...

Well i am not finished either. But i think i got further than you did. I keep thinking that there is some supernatural thing that's going to kick in about why they can't be/didn't get killed.

I might continue, but i gotta tell you that i'm not compelled to do so. Which is really sad. So maybe i won't.

Anonymous said...

I read an entire book in between picking this one back up. (It was "if I live to be 100," by Neenah Ellis. I loved it!)

I've already got the next book sitting on the side table, beckoning to me. Ok, yeah, I picked it up last night, even though Firefly Brothers was in reach.

I read a bunch of online reviews of FF Bros. just to see if anything was given away, and I'm thinking let's ditch this one and move on.

Maggie said...

Honestly you guys, I just can't get into it. I think moving on is the wise thing to do at this point. and I think you'll find that Finding Home moves much quicker. I'm almost half done with it and I just started a couple of days ago.