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Friday, April 2, 2010

Here I go Again

Hey guys. Sorry about the absence. I was supposed to open a new book on Monday. Glitches and other circumstances led me to the decision to wait - however I did not get her to make a post on that and I am sorry. I am not ready for today's discussion either. I feel like such a heel. But here's the thing. What if we push the discussion to Wednesday? Would that be cool? And then next Friday we could have a new book opening for the new set and kick it all off with a bang. And I WILL keep the schedule.

Stick with me, the next set is 10 books and I think you're going to like the selection!

1 comment:

Clowncar said...

Don't apologize. You (and the BBP) will always have a fan in me for recommending Sharp Teeth, a book I otherwise never would have heard of.