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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Book for the Daring and Gordo

Gordo I thought immediately of you when I saw this:

Fifty Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do 

This author was on TED talking about five dangerous things you should let your kids do - basically the message being that we've stopped letting our kids try things and they're losing opportunities to learn the process of creating things and tinkering and learning about the world around them through experience.  He's set up a Tinkering school which gives kids these opportunities.  It's not about being wantonly dangerous or careless, it's about teaching them to try things and learning to protect themselves through knowledge.  Pretty cool idea.


Gordo said...

Maggie, I got my copy in February. :-D

The book reads like a list of the things that I did as a kid, but it's good to be reminded of things like that. It's even better to take those and do them.

The book starts with a pledge to do all of the activities in the book and each page has space for notes on the activity and a spot to write when you did it. We're hoping to do them all before the summer's over.

de said...

LOL! I followed the link, & one of the featured pages is "super-glue your fingers together." I recently did a marvelous job demonstrating that one.

Gordo, how old are the kids in question? I'm curious.