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Monday, February 1, 2010

What's Coming Up

As you may have noticed, we are now starting book 22. That means including The World Without Us we have three books till we're done with the first set!

In light of that, I spent a lot of time thinking over how to proceed with the next round. Since you guys all expressed an appreciation for the surprise effect of not knowing a single book I picked, I went ahead and made the new list and ordered the next set of books. This time however, I only ordered 10. It seems like a much more logical number. Think of it as the Brown Book Club converting from Imperial to Metric. So, by the time we finish the first set, we're going to be ready to start the next. In between there we'll have a celebratory post in which I will virtually shower you all with golden statue awards and giant bags of swag and giant checks signed by the ghost of Ed McMahon. Or we'll just post in and get emotional. Or not.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a party! I've got to find my copy and get started.

Gordo said...

Parties with books! How cool is that?

meno said...

I like showers! :)