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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My heart is aflutter. I have just been notified that my shipment of books are on their way! That would be the next set of Brown Books. Woot!

This time, I'm giving myself an added handicap. I know the list of books, but I will not be looking at them before they are wrapped. My husband has agreed to be the wrapper for this round. That way, I won't even know the size and shape of the books and therefore, I will get an added element of surprise.

I'm just so excited.

Can you tell?


Gordo said...

Whoo Hooo! I love that feeling when you get the shipping notice. :-D

Maggie said...

Now I get to have the anticipatory glee for the few days till the box arrives, and even then it will be like Christmas because I won't get to see what's inside until I unwrap. Oh I love opening packages...and if it's delivered by the UPS it's even better because there is just something so thrilling about that brown truck parking in your driveway isn't there?

Gordo said...

You know it! :-D

Clowncar said...

How do you pick the books?

Maggie said...

Clowncar, that's an interesting question. I start with a gigantic list of books that have caught my interest over the last few months and then I pick them trying to get several genres of books so that we're not just reading fiction or mysteries or whatever. A good cross section. And I check the reviews on several sites to see what was said of them - not necessarily that they were universally loved, but that they provide interesting reading whether because of strong friction in readers, or something unique about the subject or even just overwhelmingly recognized excellent prose. Whatever seems truly great in some way. Of course, not all the books we read turned out to be truly great, but they were subject for conversation at the very least. I'm hoping this next set will be a bigger hit than even last time. And - I made sure to not get books larger than 350-400 pages. Because beyond that is just too much. You might have noticed, but I get bored reading one type of book so I like a lot of different types of things crossing my brain and I think the Brown Book Club is the perfect place for that. I saw a lot of book clubs that seemed to focus on certain types of books. I wanted something that was all over the board.