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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Book Examiner

So I recently found myself clicking through to an article at the Book Examiner about annoying phrases used in book reviews. Then I dug into her site further and found articles about formats of book reviews and how impotent most reviews are and voila I had a Brown Book resolution staring me in the face.

I'm going to do my best to never use the words listed in this article.
I'm going to attempt to use a format similar to the one she lists in this article.
I want to get more comprehensive and foster higher interest in the books we're reading.
Which also means I need to be on the ball here and follow my schedules. (Um, ahem)

So. Here we go.

How many of you are reading Mudbound? I'm planning for us to discuss this one next Friday. If you want more time let me know, we'll futz with the schedule. We'll be opening the next book on Monday. Look for a rip roaring opening video!

Let's get the last few books of this set romped through and then let's do another! Shall we?

For the next set of books, I'm thinking we should wrap up 10 to 15 books instead of the amount I did last time. Secondly, I was leaning toward picking the books again so that you guys will have the socks surprised right off your warm and tingly little toes. But, I'm open for democratic shoot down of my dictatorship, so let me know what you think. And did you have fun last year?


Clowncar said...

That cliches list is pretty funny.

I use "that said" way too much.

Maggie said...

me too, as well as gripping, poignant, compelling. Oh the horror, the horror.

de said...

Very interesting articles, worthy of bookmarking.

I got the book whatever day I said I was going to, and have not cracked the cover. That said, Friday is fine if the book turns out to be unputdownable.

de said...

How many books do we have left from the first batch?

I think three weeks for each book is good, and I love the idea of you surprising us. That's been the best part - reading books I would not likely have selected myself.

Maggie said...

De, dig in about two chapters and see what you think. I've been breezing through it. I believe we have four books left including the one we'll be opening tonight. I'm glad you guys like the surprise part because I really love doing it.