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Monday, December 7, 2009

A Plethora of Gifting Ideas

Well the holidays sent me into a tailspin. How about you guys?

I have a couple of links I'd like to share of gift guides for books, very nice stuff.

Books on the Nightstand's Book Gift Guide

Books on the Nightstand's Kid's Books Gift Guide

Geek Dad's Holiday Gift Guide #1: Books

Boing Boing has a six part series of gift guides:







And where I get most of my book recommendations, NPR:

Big and Beautiful: Best Gift Books of 2009

Check these out. Some great suggestions in here. Of the ones listed I will say that I have purchased Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary for my husband, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is on my to get list, and I found a whole lot more that I want on these lists.

Other suggestions straight from me:

Lyrics by Sting - we love Sting around here, my husband especially. This is great for those followers but it is also poetry worth reading. As a poet, I can say that I thumbed through this and can't wait till he's done so I can read them all.

Dune - my budding teenage reader is into the fantasy leaning books, but he's been complaining that he wants to get into new series with a little more to them and perhaps something different. I'm encouraging him down an older road. This was an excellent read at his age for me. And along the same lines as this one,

I, Robot - for some great classic Sci-Fi.

Andy Rooney: 60 Years of Wisdom and Wit - now this one I don't have. It's on my wish list. But, I've been reading another book of Andy Rooney's writings called The Most of Andy Rooney which seems to be out of print. I can tell you that I love this stuff. Great quick reading too. Short little one or two page articles full of wry humor.

How to Raise the Perfect Dog - another Cesar Milan book out with more in depth information on raising and training your dog. Great gift for anyone with a young dog or contemplating getting a dog.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day - I know I've mentioned this book before. I mention it again because it deserves notice. I have been using this book now for over six months and I have not made one dud loaf yet. Not one. Each loaf has had beautiful crust and crumb. And the taste is sensational. Great for sandwiches, rolls, or just tear away and eat. Any home bakers you know will kiss you for this book.

Now. Have you been sufficiently inundated?


meno said...

You also might try the series that begins with "Assassin's Apprentice" for your son. Good stuff.

Clowncar said...

Loved Dune and I Robot growing up. Sure your kid will too. Also Bradbury.

My wife hits the New York Times 100 Most Notable Books list every year for books for me. Hits it hard! It's a great list, and I'm rarely disappointed.