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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Approach, New Schedule

All right, what say you to trying out basically doing one discussion a month? If it ends up being too boringly slow, we can change it, but given the time frame to get hold of a book and then read it I thought it might work out better. Now if you all think that stinks, then tell me, I might protest loudly while holding a large blunt object, but then I'll give in like the people pleaser that I am. (oh ha ha)

Ok so, here's the layout of the next few weeks, see if this works for you.

Friday, September 4, Opening Book 17

Tuesday, September 8, Discuss The Eyre Affair

Wednesday, September 30, Opening Book 18

Friday, October 2, Discuss Book 17

----The one that I'm most concerned about is the Eyre Affair discussion. Let me know if that is too soon for those of you not finished yet, if there are any.

P.S. The calendar reflects these dates for reference.


Anonymous said...

Works for me.

meno said...

I've finished the Eyre Affair so it works for me too.

jaded said...