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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Eyre Affair Discussion

All righty.

I have to confess that despite my rushed and wildly strong efforts, I have not finished this book yet. I am inchingly close though. And not being done has nothing to do with the book at all. If I could have, I would have read this book in one day. I am enjoying it immensely. The constant literary references make this book a treasure trove for any lover of books. Here I must also confess that I did not know all of the references, but have been keeping a list to look them up. And that has made the book even that much more fun for me. I wish I could give a definitive conclusion on the book as a whole, but I should be done in a day or two.

Some things I have pinpointed that I love about this book so far: the flow moves quickly and keeps you turning pages. I found it rare that the book slowed down so much that I didn't want to keep going. It wasn't that I-gotta-keep-reading-or-I'm-gonna-die-of-curiosity feeling, but the action just keeps you moving forward. The concept of the book is also fun. Who of us wouldn't want to be able to walk into the books we read? It definitely fed my imagination.

On the other hand, some of the names and references were corny and I found Jack Schitt's name more off-putting than his actual character, which I believe is the more important point. But really, Jack Schitt is such an old and juvenile joke. I would have to say that this is hardly a complaint large enough to ruin the book for me though. In all, I have found (so far) the book a light, fun and witty read.

Added - I finished today and I absolutely loved it. I got down to the last 30 pages and couldn't stop reading. I am looking forward to reading more of Jasper Fforde. If you haven't all ready I suggest taking a peek at his website. Its a fun place to stay for a bit.


de said...

Oh, well then, you might not like the sequel as well as I did, with such characters as Jack Schitt's half-brother, Brik Shitt-hause, and the SpecOps teams with names like Cannon and Fodder.

When I started reading this selection, I was pleased to cross paths with it again. Years ago, whenever the paperback came out, I checked it out but never got to it. Thank you so much for reuniting me with this book and author!

I find Jasper Fforde incredibly clever and amusing, and certainly wish that I had a better memory so that all of the references would be significant. I love the main character (and her father, and her uncle) & will certainly go back to the stacks again and again for her further adventures.

meno said...

Hmmmm. Well, i finished the book, which says something. I liked it, but i did not love it. I seem to have a problem with the heavy "wink, wink, nudge, nudge, aren't i clever?" sort of authors.

It's the COMPLETE lack of subtlety.

But really, an okay book. I'm not sorry i read it.

jaded said...

It was okay.

The pretense was inventive, but the delivery was a over-obvious, like meno said. Admittedly most of the literary references were wasted on me, but my taste in literature is bizarre at it's most defensible.