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Monday, September 7, 2009

Book Seventeen: The Reveal

Some things said about the next book:

“A CLASSSIC IN THE MAKING: Whether you read for the beauty of language or for the intricacies of plot, you will easily fall in love with David Wroblewski’s generous, almost transcendentally lovely debut novel" O Magazine

"…a big-hearted novel you can fall into, get lost in and finally emerge from reluctantly, a little surprised that the real world went on spinning while you were absorbed." Washington Post Book World

"I doubt we'll see a finer literary debut this year... David Wroblewski's got storytelling talent to burn and a big, generous heart to go with it." Richard Russo, author of Bridge of Sighs

And here is the very book that these people all loved so well, next on our list:


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I almost picked it up the last time I was in the library. They had it on the first table, though, so I hope it's still there. Gotta go tomorrow & return the kids' movies.

meno said...

Okay then! Although i am a bit put off by the word "lyrical."

Gordo said...

Boy, I love library webistes. I read this and had it reserved right away. :-)

Excellent timing, too: I've misplaced my current book and need somethign to read.