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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some Book World News

Some interesting headlines and articles in the book world:

E Book Reader Market Expanding
This is great for consumers. The more abundant the choices become, the market gets more competative and that means prices will go down. The technology curve rewards the patient, though perhaps not with the most up to date bells and whistles.

J.D. Salinger Fights to Keep 'Fan Fiction' from being Published
I called this fan fiction for lack of a better description. While it is based on the original book, I wonder if it would truly be considered fan fiction?

Hatchette Book Group Giving 30 Day Peeks Into Full Text of Books
An interesting marketing angle. Neil Gaiman has deployed this strategy and it seems to have worked quite well for him. I don't know a book reader who would read an entire book online without really wanting to purchase the book. I am firmly in the browse and buy camp. How about you?

Mr. Frey is Back, Now With Young Adult Series of Novels
The premise of the story sounds interesting. But I am, honestly, rather skeptical of anything Mr. Frey is involved in writing. I was not impressed with his writing style in the now infamous Million Little Pieces, besides the fact that he screwed up royally. I realize this new series would be fiction, but I'm still unsure I'd be willing to pick it up. It will be interesting to hear what the critics think.


de said...

In my experience, I can only relate the EBooks to my use of iTunes. I was never much of a buyer of music until recently. Now that it is so easy and relatively cheap, I am more likely to purchase and download.

I avoid so-called "fan fiction" like the plague. It feels lame to me.

There are a few books that I will buy after reading, but mostly I am not a collector, so it is not a good marketing strategy for people like me. I like freebies, though.

I really liked A Million Little Pieces and even enjoyed My Friend Leonard. I didn't really consider the whole incident the travesty it was made out to be. I don't read too much YA (sure that will change in a few years when Fiona is into it) so it would probably have remained under my radar.

Gordo said...

I've read more ebooks on my Palm than I ever thought I would. Now if Amazon's device wasn't so horrendously expensive and so vulnerable to their whims I might investigate it.

Salinger is a sad, angry old man and he does a disservice to both the readers of fan fiction and other authors.

Clowncar said...

I agree with Gordo about Salinger, and it makes me sad, as I like his writing so much. No writer should have the ability to censor the work of another, even if it is based on his own writing.