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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Schedules and How are You?

Ok here are some of the upcoming schedule dates I have. I'm bypassing the holiday weekend and extending things a bit, I hope it helps:

Wednesday July 8 - discuss Coraline
Monday July 13 - Open Book 17
Friday July 17 - Discuss The Eyre Affair

How is that looking for you guys? I know it's summer and a lot of people are busier (I sure am) or having vacations, so I want to make the dates equitable.

And for the fun of it, who's reading what?


Anonymous said...

I am going to the library today and they have both Coraline & the Eyre Affair so I will snap them up and be right on track.

I finished 3 Cups of Tea last night and hopefully will have time to add a few more thoughts to the discussion.

jaded said...

I skipped ahead to the Zoo Keepers Wife, and now I'm reading the directions for making oatmeal cookies.

meno said...

Well..... i kind of skipped Coraline, but i will try and get hold of The Eyre Affair today.

What does Zoo Keeper's Wife have to do with this? I'm confused.