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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Traveler Discussion

I myself am not ready for this one. I shamefully admit it. I can say that so far, I am enjoying the book immensely. But I'll save full judgment until I've fully finished which should be by end of day today.

However, I am determined to keep to the schedule I'm making with the calendar. I'm trying to get all responsible and stuff. :)

So, since I know you all have read it and are eager to share your thoughts, I open the floor for discussion on The Traveler. Talk amongst yourselves.


meno said...

i read the first 90% of this book in two days. Then it got too tense for me and i could only read a few pages at a time.

I'm a chicken like that.

I did finish it, and although it certainly left the story hanging, i thought it was great. Certainly makes you think about all the technology and surveillance we have creeping evermore into our lives.

de said...

It reminded me a lot of a series that was on last year - BBC maybe? - set in England, everyone had chips and IDs. Sorry, I can't remember the name at all. The guy from The Full Monty was in it.

This spring I bought a top for Tony's niece at the maternity store. Suddenly diaper samples, formula, and information about cord blood banks started coming to my house.

Right after Gabriel and Maya split from Hollis, there is a scene before Hollis decides what he's going to do, and he's thinking that his responsibilities are over. I could relate to that. That's the sort of lackadaisical a believer I am: if it's not marked "urgent," it all goes in the same pile. I have always thought zealots have it easy.

It was so much of a cliff hanger, I immediately picked up the second book. But then life got in the way and I haven't gotten far with it.

I really enjoyed perusing Twelve Hawks' website at Random House.

Gordo said...

I had a great time reading as well. It's almost a perfect storm of interests for me: dystopian future, big brother, alternate realities and realms, the lone armed protector thing ...

Honestly, the technology for The Vast Machine exists already. For all I know it's in use.