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Monday, June 22, 2009

Three Cups of Tea Discussion

This was a surprisingly delightful book. I enjoyed Greg Mortenson's story tremendously. It is one of those books that restores faith in humans. We need that a bit now and then. I also liked that this book gave a more rounded view of the people of those regions which in our neck of the woods often get simplified or villified. It's good to be asked to see things in different lights.

And how did you find the book?


de said...

still reading, but really enjoying it. be back in a bit...

meno said...

I read this for a book group last fall. I went into it thinking that this book was going to be 'good for me' which is a big UGH on my scale of fun things to do.

Surprisingly, i actually like it quite well. Although i couldn't help thinking that if i was his wife i would KILL him.

But i'm not, so it's okay.

de said...

oh, jeez. He's just met the wife at the point where I am.

de said...

I think I returned my notes along with the book, so I have less to add than I thought I would.

I particularly liked the chapter Haji Ali's Lesson, in which the title is explained & Haji Ali talks about respecting other cultures. I agree with the premise that more exposure and mutual understanding is the key to caring about people other than ourselves and cultivating stronger, more stable relationships.

One morning, when I was nearly finished with the book, I had the news on. The newscasters were lamenting a plane crash somewhere I have never heard of and I started complaining to my husband about it being non-news, but cut off when I heard the next story about Pakistan. I realized what a hypocrite I was being: I cared more about Pakistan because of the book even though what happens there is no more or less significant to me personally than the plane crash.