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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer's coming and I'm just not there

So, I've been thinking about the 'Summer Reading List' thing. I love having a few new books to read over the summer. It makes summer feel special. The kinds of books I like to read still vary in the summer, but I prefer lighter fare this time of year.

Except I'm in a reading rut. I feel it, you might have noticed it.

I'm really enjoying The Traveler but having a difficult time getting myself to read more than 10 pages a day. Like Meno, I'm a big chicken and the tension makes me insanely jumpy.

The Savage Detective was such a bummer for me. Even though I'm determined to finish it, hell or high water, it dampened my reading spirit for a bit. But, on the other end of the spectrum floats the wonderful little book awaiting me in the shelf: Coraline. Neil Gaiman has never proved to disappoint, so perhaps it will lift my literary spirits and get me back in the groove.

I haven't even started compiling possible candidates for the summer list. How about you guys? Do you have summer reading lists?


Anonymous said...


I browse the library's new book shelf once in a while when I'm there for the kids.

I'm on a poetry kick right now, & also picked up a short story anthology (something like "the best of American writers in the last half century).

and there's still War and Peace.

I am enjoying 3 cups of tea immensely. Sadly, my son is out of school which means I have someone talking to me ALL THE TIME.

jaded said...

Currently, I'm reading Janet Evanovich's Metro Girl. I needed something brainless and nonsensical after the last book I read.

On the to-read shelf are Lisa Scottoline's Lady Killer (freebie from my sis), John Irving's The World According to Garp, and Hemingway's True at First Light

I read Coraline a few months ago. I ordered the graphic novel by mistake, but it turned into a happy accident because it gave me an opportunity to study the illustrator's solutions to transition through layout. It was probably more like reading the cliff's notes than reading the book.

meno said...

I don't have a list, in the summer or any other time. I just read whatever floats across my path.

But i do like trashy novels on airplanes. Try Jo Goodman's romance novels. Pretty well written. Great dialogue.

Anonymous said...

No list, per se. But, I do have a pile of books from recent forays into the clearance section at Indigo (and Chapters online). Buying books on sale is an addiction. Sue me.

We're off at the cottage for the last two weeks of July, so I'll be hauling along a bag (re-usable, natch) of books to read there.