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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Later Today

Be on the lookout for the next book opening post.

How are you guys doing? Where are we in the reading? If anyone is still catching up (I so understand, the advent of summer and no school has thrown my schedule off quite a bit), we can slow a bit till we discuss Coraline. I had scheduled the Coraline discussion for Monday. Let me know and I'll do some schedule finagling.

Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

I haven't started Coraline yet.

Maggie said...

I thought that might be the case. I think we'll slow up a bit for this and the next book so that we can all get caught up. Frankly I'd like to go back and finish off Savage Detectives (punishment) and The Traveler which I mostly finished.

Anonymous said...

Ach, I'm so behind. I have to get Coraline yet and a friend just passed me If Chins could Kill. Although I was so taken with The Traveler that I picked up the next one in the series, The Dark River.

Anonymous said...

Gordo, I know! I have almost finished 3 cups of tea, but it's overdue at the library & as i was checking around the house I found The Dark River, half finished... debated returning it, read a page and got right back into it. There certainly is no shortage of reading to keep me interested right now. I'll have to check & see - i think I reserved Coraline. Someone has it and is keeping it past the due date! Who would do that?