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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get thee to the Library and Kiss Your Librarian

It is National Library Week. If you have the time, please proceed to your nearest library and show much appreciation for the people who make reading their life passion. I've never met a librarian who didn't want to help someone find a book, or wouldn't suggest great reading, or didn't show utter enthusiasm about books and reading. I've never seen a librarian with a frown either.

When I was about 10, I had read a book about a girl who got locked in the library overnight. I can't remember the book now, but I loved the idea of it. One day when I was at the library, I hid behind some shelves with a stack of books, hoping to get locked in. I wanted to stay up all night and read everything. The librarian of course found me there, and she seemed amused and understanding without me having to say a word. She simply helped me gather my stack of books, checked them out for me and told me I'd be more comfortable reading my books at home, after having a nice dinner and she winked at me. That day, she became my hero.

1 comment:

meno said...

I's like to get locked into a combination library and wine shop. :)