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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dirty Wow Wow Discussion

I'm throwing this up here rather quickly. I'm not sure if anyone read this, and you know if you did or are going to, just pop in here and put in your two cents.

There is not much to say for this book. It is not at all what I thought. When I heard about this book, I thought it was going to be a collection of short memoirs. Granted it is a collection of short memoirs, only they are so short it was hardly worth reading as a book. If that makes any sense. This book to me is more like a coffee table book. Fun to pick up and browse through now and then.

The subject itself was cute and sentimental, each story having its own merit. It did make me chuckle and I of course thought of my blankie, a quilt that has now de-sandwiched and started to tatter. So in all, it was fun, but better suited to the coffee table or Dr.'s office waiting room.

Side Note: I am going to be opening book 13 tomorrow! Spread the word and check in to see what's coming next.


bigbouquet said...

I noticed this in your goodreads feed and had to have a look. And of course, it broke my heart since we recently lost the boy's equivalent of Dirty Wow Wow. He is still getting over it. A death in the family. The transition he's had between mom and dad's house since he was two. Sniff.

de said...

A coffee-table book is an apt description. The photography is really what makes this book any good at all.

It may not have been a "readerly" selection, but maybe you will feel better if you look at it from the overall perspective of the project: an homage to the printed and bound word and something to bring people together - the subject of well-loved security objects certainly does that.

My post on this book is here.