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Friday, March 20, 2009

Naked Discussion

No, it's not a nudist thing.

Ok, so who here read Naked by David Sedaris? Please let us know what you thought.

My thoughts are forthcoming, I'll let you guys start this one.


Anonymous said...


I didn't finish it either. (Though i don't blame Sedaris; I've been in a reading slump for months. I think I need a Stephen King book to get me jump started, and as luck would have it, I just put one on hold at the library.)

I can't remember when the comment was made, but someone somewhere (Ms. Chica?) made a remark about garden-variety neurosis - or that's how I remember it - and it pervaded the rest of my reading. I thought his writing was funny and I liked his family, but I lost patience with him. Grow up! Pull your shit together! Nope, I'm afraid David and I will never be BFF.

I definitely prefer novel format over short stories or essays. It's like a multi-course meal with many textures and flavors or a box of chocolates. I always eat one too many chocolates at a sitting.

Yesterday, after reading Meno's post about her Kindle, I did a little on-line investigation, and i think I am envious. I LOVE the idea of being able to mark passages and keep notes right in the thing. It would be a big hurdle for me, Library Lover, to actually pay for books, though.

meno said...

I love David Sedaris. I am going to see him live (unless he's dead) in May. But i think his stuff is much better when he reads it than when i do.

So i didn't read it, but i had a lot of giggles listening. For me he does need to be taken in small doses, or else i get like De and want to throttle him and tell him to grow up.

Maggie said...

I had the same reaction as you two. Perhaps next time I will get an audio version and listen to him instead.

I first read David Sedaris in Holidays on Ice which I absolutely loved. His wry wit especially spoke to me. However the two subsequent books I've read by him, Me Talk Pretty One Day and Naked, have been a bit of a disappointment by comparison. I'm not sure if this is because Holidays was my first experience or if it is actually better written. I suspect that his wit bordering on bitterness is the culprit. Perhaps I should re-read Holidays to investigate. In any case, I do love his humor, I just got a little tired of the tone after awhile. And I was in a bit of a reading slump during this one as well.

jaded said...

Short stories such as the those contained in Naked are best digested in small doses. Perhaps this book is best accessed as a thing person's bathroom room reader. Most of the stories aren't so long as to cause circulation issues when perched on the throne.

I enjoyed the book, but my impressions o the neuroses were biased buy the fact that the people Sedaris wrote about were far less fucked up than the extended family I have been around for the past three weeks. If I had read the book under ordinary circumstances I would not have completed it as a solitary read, it would have been paired with other books. Hell, I mioht still be reading it.

Short stories which bare similar "voices" tend to bore me with the "recipe" style writing approach. Even though each story is unique the similar approach to voice diminishes the punch of what could be poignant or laugh your ass off plot.