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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Defending Food, Being Naked and upcoming grippers

Ok guys, executive decision here. Let's do the discussion Monday for In Defense of Food. To give anyone still reading the time to finish, and incidentally me time to go back and prepare myself because I think Gordo is going to throw some heavy stuff at us, what with all his darts.

Anytime you get Naked (no, the book you dirty people) go ahead and start reading it. We'll set a discussion date later when we feel ready. I'll open book 10 next week, most likely Tuesday. Then we can get jumping on reserving the next one. Happy reading guys!


Gordo said...

Heavy? I dunno. Mostly, it's been pissing me the hell off. Grrr.

I'm naked most of them time. ;-) I have the book on reserve and will pick it up tomorrow.

Gordo said...

I forgot to mention this: the local library web site has a neat book recommendation system. Each book link has a button that you click to see what else people who borrowed tha book also borrowed. Here's the list for Naked.