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Friday, January 30, 2009

Truck: A Love Story Discussion

Here we go guys.

I'm copping to you first. Heh. No, it's your turn to start us off. So, chime in, let us know what your thoughts were. For those of you still reading this, or waiting to read this, no worries, the discussion is posted to the discussion link in the right bar of the home page. Join in whenever!

Um. I'm waiting.


meno said...

Oh, like, i, you know, really liked this book.

Was that good?

Seriously though, i really did like this book. The author reminded me of one of my favorite people, except more lyrical. I enjoyed his sense of humor and thoughtfulness about the use and reuse of stuff. We'd be in a cleaner world if more people thought like he does.

The best thing i can say about the book is that i finished it, and i was sorry when it was over.

Maggie said...

I too found this book delightful (as previously mentioned in a comment). Your last sentence is an apt description and I think one of the highest praises a reader can give a book. I felt the very same way about this one.

I enjoyed his complex language while he extolled the small town life he lives and the rather 'hick' habits that go with it. The contrast of the two was intriguing and fun. He also sent me to my dictionary several times which I love. Definitely a wonderful read. Uplifting.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get it.

But I am.

Still waiting.

Anonymous said...

OK, I had it. It didn't grab me in the first chapter so I moved on to the other books, thinking I'd get back to it, but I never did, and the library wanted it back. Reviewing these two comments, though, I will make an effort to put my hands on it again.