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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Official - Start Reading Truck: a Love Story by Michael Perry

We are officially dropping War and Peace. I commend everyone's valiant efforts. A book that long has got to be worth our time, and obviously it just wasn't making the cut. I do plan to finish it on my own, but have no qualms dropping it from the itinerary. Besides, I'm antsy to move on!

With that behind us, let's dig in to Truck by Michael Perry.

On Friday I will open book number 8, and we can start preparing to read that one too. I'll get the calendar updated later today, so check in for that and we'll get some momentum going and a new discussion planned for book 7.



Indigo Virgo said...

Hmm. It sounds like a Tom Bodett style story. I loved his stuff. My library actually has it, though I have to wait my turn.

meno said...

Oh whew!

Thank you!

Gordo said...

Whew. I was feeling guilty.

Darn, Truck is out at the library.

Irrelephant said...

I'm so there! *lol*