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Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Book Club Accepts No Failures!

Well folks. I've thought this over for the last few days and here is the conclusion I've come to:

We are a book club (albeit strange), we read the books we planned to. That means, gosh darnit we're reading this one. Ever onward Russian students!

But, I really liked Patches idea in her comment of the last post. So I want to break the book into the four volumes Tolstoy did and then discuss each volume. This will give us a more manageable goal and render the book a little less daunting I think. Also, it will facilitate easier discussion. If we wait till the end we're either going to forget a lot, or have volumes to say. So. Can you guys make it to the end of volume one by this coming Friday? Are you already there? I will tentatively set the discussion for volume one to Friday, but if you all are already there or past, we'll move back to Tuesday.

I'm glad to be back in this space. Thanks for hanging with me.


patches said...

I think I'm in volume 2. It's hard to tell, my translation is divided into 11 books instead of volumes...No hurry to discuss on my account. Friday is as good as Tuesday.

meno said...

friday is good!

Indigo Virgo said...

After verifying that I can figure out where part one ends so I won't make myself crazy, I'm definitely in.

Maggie said...

Ok I obviously have a different translation and in light of that, I may be mistaken in assuming it was Tolstoy who divided the book that way. Hmmm. I would suppose the chapters are the same though mine are numbered by the volume (i.e. Volume 1 Part 1 etc). So, would you mind checking page 294 or thereabouts? Is that the end of a chapter for you? If it is, is it also the point at which Prince Andrei is wounded and Napoleon is sending him to his doctor for care? This would be the end of volume one for me. If that is any kind of logical breaking point in your books, maybe we'll be able to figure out a system.