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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Questions, Proceeding

I commented this but no one noticed. (boo hoo right?) Anyhow, I decided I should just post it up and get your attention.

Ok I obviously have a different translation and in light of that, I may be mistaken in assuming it was Tolstoy who divided the book that way. Hmmm. I would suppose the chapters are the same though mine are numbered by the volume (i.e. Volume 1 Part 1 etc). So, would you mind checking page 294 or thereabouts? Is that the end of a chapter for you? If it is, is it also the point at which Prince Andrei is wounded and Napoleon is sending him to his doctor for care? This would be the end of volume one for me. If that is any kind of logical breaking point in your books, maybe we'll be able to figure out a system.


Anonymous said...

the last sentence in part 1 for me is:

Prince Andrey, with all the other hopeless cases, was left behind in the care of the local inhabitants.

meno said...

I'll look when i get home.

Maggie said...

De, that's where mine is, exactly where it is actually.

Meno, cool, let me know and if Patches chimes in we can maybe figure out a system for this.

patches said...

In my book, the sentence De quoted is on page 255.

I can determine where the section ends if you give me the last line. My translation has chapter descriptions listed within each book division, so it's easy to trace.

FYI, my translation is edited and revised by George Gibian, the copyright is 1996. The text is divided into 15 books, has 2 epilogues, and various supporting essays.

Maggie said...

Wow Patches, that sounds like a cool edition. Does the place where De's book ended part one have any kind of logical break in your book? i.e. end of a chapter?

patches said...

It ends at Book 3, chapter 13