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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Show?

Me: Man I've been remiss lately. Poor little book blog.

Voice in my head: yeah but you've had a lot of things going on.

Me: Sure, sick kids, Halloween, starting Christmas sewing. But still.

Voice in my head: never give in to guilt.

Me: right, well then, let's get this show going!

Voice in my head: What show?


OK guys, I'm going to try to reinfuse some life into this here place. Let's start with things coming up.

We've opened book six, which as you know, is a doozy. So we should try to wrap up Dear AA by the end of the week and get ourselves rolling on War and Peace. I will start the AA discussion tomorrow. Calendar will be updated to reflect our newfound determination to get in gear.

Since War and Peace is a biggie, I won't hold off opening the next book, but won't schedule to start reading it till much later - say two weeks? That will give you lots and lots of time to get hold of book seven whatever it is.


And now, a question. What is your dirty little secret stash? What kind of book do you read for pure pleasure that you might not admit to the average person you meet.

For me, I have this thing for cheap mystery books. When I'm in a reading slump, I grab one of those and let myself race through one. It gets momentum rolling again. Tell me yours.


meno said...

Same as you, trashy mystery.

Our used book store has a rack of 'em for $1 each. Last week i went there and bought 20 of them, without really looking them over, just for grabbing when i want one. I feel so ashamed....

Anonymous said...

I love forensic police murder.

I shall be late to the AA meeting because I haven't started the book yet. I haven't been reading at all and yet I'm halfway through "A Stopover in Venice," in which the wife of a superstar musician leaves him while he on a European tour and gets involved in an historic fresco discovery at a 15 c. convent. I haven't a clue how it's going to turn out!