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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear American Airlines Discussion

Dear American Airlines by Jonathon Miles turns out not to be one of my favorites so far. I perhaps built my anticipation for this book too high. Though the plot and concept I understood correctly, the tone I hadn't counted on. It wasn't until the very last chapter, even the last two pages that I found this character redeemable and engaging. This made it highly difficult to get through the book to that point. I did persevere, but found the experience unenlightening and laborious. The anger and vehemence that set the tone was difficult to stand for so long. Albeit the language was wry, intelligent and captivating, that was hardly enough to hold up the novel for its entirety. I won't say that I wholly didn't enjoy this book. I found it an easy page turner and I did love the constant literary allusions, the translation excerpts, and the ironic tone that came through. And honestly who of us doesn't harbor some level of contempt for the airlines and all they put us through in the last eight years? Still, I guess I was hoping for more.

What were your impressions?


Sober Briquette said...

I brought the book with me on our bus trip to NYC (round trip, about 6 hours) and still I couldn't get into it. As you wrote, "The anger and vehemence that set the tone was difficult to stand." I guess I'll bail.

Maggie said...

I so don't blame you. The ONLY reason I finished is because I put the book on the list and if I'm going to head up this thing then I'd better be prepared to read the books. But damn if I didn't want to put it down every other page.

meno said...

I just finished, but i had to force myself.

I really dislike books where the protagonist just sort of floats through life letting things happen. (Another example of this would be "An Arsonist's Guide to Writer's Homes in New England." Yuck.)

This guy was a bitter narrator, and didn't make me want to listen. A few times, when he got off on a tangent, like the one where he talks about his parents meeting, i actually became interested, and then would get annoyed when the story got back to the usual whining.