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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Century of Vanity Fair - Book espousing a century of Vanity Fair portraits. Great photographers, iconic faces. Beautiful. And sometimes, when things seem bleak, we need a little beauty, however frivolous, to brighten our future.

Covers - here's a site I got lost in for quite a time, just having fun perusing. They review book jackets - not the book content, just the jacket and how it translates to marketable. I like the angle. Check it out, beware, you might get a little lost too.

Don't forget, discussion of Dear American Airlines to be posted here later in the day. Don't worry if you're not finished. Finish it as you can and join in when you do. The more thoughts and comments the better! Check back.


Gordo said...

Vanity Fair has always had great portraitists. After looking at the pics with that article I think I'm in love with Gwyenth Paltrow again. :-)

Maggie said...

Yeah, I don't go in for the mag itself or mags like that really, but the portraits look amazing and this book I think might be a cool addition to any library. Especially one of a photography lover.