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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Book Opening, Date Changes AGAIN

Ok so I have been naively ambitious about the discussion of War and Peace. I have been reading it daily and I'm still only on page 168. Out of 1200 pages, that ain't much. How about you guys? Is anyone reading it with me? Are you still trying to get the book in your grubby, but lovely hands?

I changed the discussion date to the 25th. That might be too close to the holiday though. Let me know what you think. We could push the date even futher, say after the holiday around the first of December? Let me know. Even if you don't have the book yet, or especially if you don't have the book yet - you need the time to read the big sucker.


I have had camera difficulties in the past couple of days and was not able to record the opening of book seven. I am in high hopes that today I will have those issues worked out and get the opening up by tomorrow. That way you can start getting the next book lined up which will facilitate a more widely read book I hope! It is also going to be considerable shorter than the current one (what wouldn't be?) and that will make for faster reading.


I may complain about the length of War and Peace but I can confirm that in just 168 pages, I'm enjoying it. The first attempt I made at reading this book I was in my early twenties and my mind was more pleasantly occupied with partying and boys. I therefore found it difficult to keep track of the characters and gave up. This time around, I'm having no difficulty with the complexities and am finding it fun to read. How about you guys? Did you read this before? What were your original impressions? Are they any different now?


patches said...

I have the book...I think I might have read the preface.

Anonymous said...

I am going to the library tomorrow, so I will ask them to retrieve it from the basement. Maybe concentrating hard on this book will help get my brain firing on all cylinders again. I'm certain I will need a lot of time... first of December sounds good.

Clowncar said...

Hey, I plugged your book club (and Sharp Teeth, specifically) in my blog today. Hope that's okay.

Looking forward to the next selection, if anyone ever finishes War and Peace.

Maggie said...

Thank you for the plug. I am determined to get this space moving again. And sorry I've been 'away'.