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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Technical difficulties - Book Opening

I owed you a book opening on Monday. There have been technical difficulties with the video we took. Then there were technical difficulties getting near the computer - mostly with my schedule and brain. I am here now and I'm going to do this one rather unceremoniously.

Virtual Drum Roll please...............................................
(can you hear it? Turn up the volume)

rustle rustle, rip tear, rustle, squeaky book cover, smell of new paper and ink, (you with me?)


Here it is!

Lynnea speaks, "Ohhhhhhhhhh so cool!"


Gordo said...

Very cool. The library's copy is out and there are three reservations ahead of me. :-(

Maggie said...

Damn. Maybe I could read through mine and throw it in the post for you...

meno said...

Ack, i am still finishing Gang Leader (and thus have not looked at the discussion) and have not gotten Sharp Teeth.

I think i'll skip ST and move straight on to this new one.

Maggie said...

Oh damn. I got rolling too fast. I wish you didn't have to skip one. Sharp Teeth is pretty cool. But I understand. Maybe you'll be able to get back to it another time.

Anonymous said...

crap. This one sounds good & my library does not carry it.

I'll see what I can do.

Clowncar said...


Sharp Teeth rocks so far. What a wildly original idea for a book.

Anonymous said...

I ordered this one.
Seems like we're pushing things forward so everyone can catch up, which is great and gives my book some time to get here.