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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Slow Down

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the non-communication. Let me get you all up to date on where we're headed.

Things have slowed down a bit. This is good. We can get everyone up to speed. So, tomorrow I will start the Sharp Teeth discussion, join in whenever you wish. And we'll be putting off any book openings till early next week. That way, you can get through Sharp Teeth if you're still working on that, get a hold of Dear American Airlines, and get that on a reading roll before we contemplate another book. I will update the calendar later in the day today, so pretty much ignore the coming dates till I get them straightened out.

Thanks for your patience.


QT said...

Ok, I had a do-better talk with myself. I think part of my problem (other than the bloglines debacle)is that it just isn't yucky enough outside for me to want to stay inside and read....:)

Maggie said...

Hey I don't blame you there, but if you can get yourself to sit still outside, you could always read at your favorite outdoor spot.

Gordo said...

When I was a kid, I used to climb a tree and read. I stick to the ground these days. It's too bad it's not nice enoug for outdoor reading. :-(