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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And the winner is.....


Congratulations. Please email me at tembilina_at_hotmail_dot_com or brownbooksblog_at_gmail_dottie_com

I've got a little package I'd like to send your way!

Other announcements:

We start reading Sharp Teeth officially Saturday, the 11th. We'll be opening the next book on Monday, the 13th. And don't forget that the discussion of Sudhir Venkatesh's book is scheduled for tomorrow! See you there!


meno said...

Yikes, i better get reading, and shopping.

Sober Briquette said...

I was next in line for Sharp Teeth, so I picked it up yesterday. Yahoo! (and if epic poetry proves to be too much for me, I also found a couple of other novels that interested me.)

Also, I've been meaning to say that whatever you did to tweak the calendar worked. Thanks.

Maggie said...

Meno, all that incentive to shop!

De, oh I'm glad you mentioned it because I wasn't sure if it was working for you guys or not.

Clowncar said...

Yay! I won! I won! (insert frantic Price-Is-Right-style jumping up and down here)