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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Winner Announcement and Reading with my Kids

Meno you are our lucky winner for the book two goodie bag! Hurrah!

The twins are becoming more aware of the fact that books have words on the page and they relate to what I am saying. My daughter, W, has repeatedly requested that I read Too Many Dogs by Lori Haskins.

I dearly love this book. It helped my eldest son, B, learn to read. I remember the day he took it to school to read it to his class. His teacher was impressed with his improvement and he was beaming with pride.

This is a simple beginning reader book with short sentences, rhymes and gorgeously funny illustrations. W has started repeating the words as I read them. I caught on quick to this and made sure my finger was pointing out each word as she listened and then repeated. Learning to read can never happen too early. The more the connection between words and the story being told sinks in, the closer we'll get.

I recently finished reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. If any of you have seen his lecture on you know how engaging a speaker he can be. His book is no different. The book, basically a continuation of the lecture itself, explains his philosophy about life and achieving dreams. I decided that it so inpired and promoted deep thought for me, that I would read it aloud to my son B.

We've read two chapters so far. After each chapter I ask him questions about what Mr. Pausch has said. We have so far had very nice 20 to 30 minute discussions after reading each chapter in which B has made some very thoughtful observations that I am more and more excited to read the rest of the book to him. So I would advocate that this book is not only fascinating for adults, but a great discussion promoter between parents and young adults.


meno said...

OH YAY! I never win anything. This is so exciting. I'd like to thank my agent, and all the little people who voted for me.

QT said...

Whatevs...that meno has all the luck!

Gordo said...

Hooray for out-loud reading! I love reading to my guys. I don't know what I'll do when they don't want me to anymore. Maybe they'll read to me. :-)