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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey, How's it Going?

Don't forget, reading commencement for Sudhir Vankatesh's book Gang Leader for a Day starts today. Those still reading On Chesil Beach, will you be ready to discuss by Wednesday or Thursday?

Thank you for all the suggestions of books to not bother with! That was fun.

We're slated for a book opening tomorrow but I'm thinking that maybe I should back off a couple days on that one - say till Friday? What do you think?

For those into On Chesil Beach, any preliminary thoughts? Enjoying it? Don't give away all your feelings now, save some for the discussion. I for one will say I came away with a very positive feeling on this one. Which is nice considering all of our luke-warm to cold reactions to the first book.

1 comment:

patches said...

I finished On Chesil Beach. It was a fast read. I don't know if I can trust myself to be objective about the book. Many of my views have been influenced by both personal experience and experiences relayed from a grandmother...I'm curious to get a male opinion on this, as to how much it varies from the female perspective.