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Friday, September 26, 2008

Coming Up and Fun Weekend Discussion

Ok guys coming up next week we've got three big things on the calendar. First off, on Monday we're slated to start reading Gang Leader for a Day. If you haven't finished On Chesil Beach, just focus on that one for now because I'm planning the discussion for that one to start next week. On Tuesday I'll open the fourth book so you can all get started hunting that one down too. Wednesday is the day I put in the calendar for the discussion of On Chesil Beach. Don't forget to poke around in the Google calendar at the bottom of the page. If you click on the Google button in the bottom right corner, you can pull up a full version of it to look over.

So those dates again are:

Monday, September 29th, we start reading Gang Leader for a Day
Tuesday, September 30th, we open book four
Wednesday, October 1st, we start discussing On Chesil Beach

I also wanted to mention that in the sidebar where it says Hitchpost, links to the book discussions will be permanently left there. So if you wanted to continue jumping into the Lewis Black book discussion, the link is there. And all subsequent book discussions will land there as well.

And don't forget to check back later today for the announcement of the winner of this week's drawing!

Now for the fun stuff!

I loved Meno's suggestion that I ask you guys for your lists of books that just shouldn't be bothered with. So lay it on me. What books would you un-recommend? Maybe books often found on lists of 'must read' books. Tell me the books you've read and loathed, or felt just weren't worth the bother.

I'll give you a couple of mine:

Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger - I read this in high school and no, it was not the book for this young. I hated it. I felt like the people in it were shallow and ridiculous and the point of it all got lost in that fact.

The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood - I so wanted to like this book but absolutely hated it. I was frustrated that I had the 'twist' ending figured out not even halfway into the book, the jumps into the 'fictional' story being told throughout were boring and just useless for me. I thought the idea could have been pursued so well but I was sorely disappointed in this book.

And you?


Sober Briquette said...

technical question: I can't access your calendar. When I go in to Google Calendar I have the option to "add a friend's calendar" but it's not intuitive what I should enter to access this one.

Sorry I can't help with the un-rec list. I forget things that are important to remember; you can't really expect me to remember things best forgotten? Of course, that would be the irony of my brain's functioning, wouldn't it.

Michael said...

Hey Maggie-

I've got to agree with you on CATCHER IN THE RYE. I didn't get it either! I read it in my 20s and people said I was too old for it, but I'd like to think I was intelligent enough as a teen to see the characters for the whiners they actually were!

Maggie said...

De, I have this sieve-mind thing often myself. These two books stand out for me mainly because I hated them SO much. Most of the time I find that since I choose books by recommendation instead of browsing, that I end up liking the books I read. Even Black was enjoyable though somewhat a disappointment.

Michael, for a long time I was ashamed that I didn't like this book. I kept it to myself. It is rather freeing to buck majority and say it loud - it wasn't for me!

ms chica said...

I finished the Catcher and the Rye a few weeks ago. It sucked.

I read the first page standing in the store, and it pulled me into the pages. But the delivery, and the total absence of self-awareness on the part of the narrator bored me to tears by the mid-point of the book.

I read a couple of Candace Bushnell books that were lackluster. I thought they translated better as screenplays than trashy novels. Even trashy novels have a little depth to them.

It's hard for me to un-recommend books I haven't read recently, I usually forget them...after I cash them in at the used bookstore.

meno said...

Ulysses FOR SURE! What a bunch of pretentious drivel.

House of Seven Gables. Boring, Dull, Pedantic. Do i make my feelings clear?

Secret Life of Bees. Improbable, unrealistic and treacly.

Les Miserables. I think the title means "endless misery" in French.

i will echo ms. chica on the Candace Bushnell books. Utter crap. amd not even fun crap.

I'll probably think of more later.

Maggie said...

De, I played with this a little and the only thing I could see was that a) apparently you need to have your own Google Calendar (which I think sucks) and b) when you click on the button on my calendar a popup window should show saying something like "Add this calendar?" If you click yes, it will add my calendar to your list of 'friend' calendars - it doesn't integrate into your calendar messing with your schedules.

Ms. Chica, out of sight out of mind! I don't know Candace Bushnell - I'm thinking I probably won't ever now and I don't feel bad a bit.

Meno, wow, you are overflowing! You know your not the first person I've noticed to have a strong negative reaction to The Secret Life of Bees - and yet others just praise it. Must be one of those love it/hate it books. I've never really been inclined to read it since the hate it people I know I trust. Ulysses sounded pretentious to me and boring too. Keep them coming!

QT said...

Like De, I can't add to the list right now. If someone were to mention they were going to start reading something that I thought was not so great, I would probably remember.