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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Book Opening, Book Two!

Welcome to book two opening of the first Brown Book Project. Without much ado, I will just present you this little animation for the reveal.

Remember, leave a comment here and put your name in for the drawing for a gift goodie bag. We'll begin reading this book next Saturday, September 20th. Not to worry if you cannot get the book in your hands that fast, we will not be discussing the book until October 2nd. We're on a roll now!

**Update: forgot to mention I will announce the winner of the goodie bag on Wednesday, September 17th. So you have till the 16th to get a comment up here!


Anonymous said...

Yes! The stars have aligned.

I have it on hold at the library.
It's one of the books I was planning to read in 2008.

patches said...

Wow, I will have catching up to do. I almost ordered that one last week, doh!

meno said...

Off to the bookstore! Or at the very least, Amazon.

QT said...

Oh good - I just finished the other one on the train this weekend~loved the animation, btw.

Maggie said...

De, awesome!

Patches, not to worry, discussions are put off for a bit so that people can catch up.

Meno, yeah!

Qt, thank you!

Clowncar said...

I've always wanted to read that. He has such a melodic name!

I'll put it on hold at our (non-podunk!) library today.

Maggie said...

Clowncar, excellent!