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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Book Opening, Book One - Paaaaaaaaaarty!

Welcome to the First Ever Brown Book Project Book Opening! Officially this is Book One of the First Ever Brown Book Project Book Opening. Say that ten times fast. Practice now because I'll be making you say it after having visited the open bar.

That's right I did say open bar! Come on in and grab your favorite drink, it's all virtual and it's all free. Know what that means? Oh yeah, that means no need for a designated driver! Oh, the hors d'oeuvres will be around soon. We have pate, caviar, little wieners on sticks, cheese balls with crackers and fruit cups. Finger food away, while we discuss the first book to be read.

Speaking of which, shall we unveil? Below is a short (of length and stature) story accompanied by illustrations in which the first book makes its debut!

The Gnome Queen and Her Scepter of Cleanliness

Once upon a time, in a far-away kingdom, lived a land of gnomes. They were a peace loving sort who most enjoyed eating chocolate chip cookies, making sand castles and riding bicycles.

But unfortunately, they had a grumpy, grumbly queen who made them work at chores all day long. She never smiled and she always had more work for her subjects to do.

Then one day, one of the gnomes had a splendid idea. They would all pitch in their meager allowances and buy the queen a gift. Maybe the gift would make her happy and keep her busy so that she would smile and let them play more. So the gnomes all got together and bought the queen a book. They knew that she loved reading but had not had any new books for a long time. When they gave her the book she was surprised to get a gift from her subjects whom she knew she had been so grumpy with.

She opened the gift and was the happiest she had ever been. She thanked them ever so much, promising to be a more happy queen. All of the gnomes in the kingdom jumped for joy.

(Note the 'jazz hands')

Then she did the most astonishing thing. She pronounced that every year hereafter would be a national holiday for celebrating books and that no gnome would ever work on this day of the year ever again.

And a quick little video of the actual opening:

Two notes of reminder:

1. Make a comment on this post anytime this week and on Friday I will be pulling one name to win a surprise goodie bag!

2. We will plan to start reading Me of Little Faith next Monday the 8th of September. Get your funny bone out and Lewis Black's book and let's get to reading.


Pare said...

First let me say those are the cutest jazz hands I've ever seen.

Second, Lewis Black - best way to begin an adventure, no?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm feeling excited. You did that to me.

This book is a fun choice because I have been giving religion an awful lot of thought lately. While I have a very broad, non-denominational view, my children go to a Catholic school and I think this year is when Fiona will be expected to make first communion. Having never been baptized myself, I am trying to figure out if this is something I should/could/want to do along with her.

And! I broke my "regular" glasses and have been wearing my back up pair, which I see are very much like yours. Should I ask what number brown dye you used, or would that be too freaky?

Clowncar said...

Dinner and a show! (Doesn't fully make sense, I realize, but it's my favorite line from Ice Age).

meno said...

Now i have a GOOD excuse to go to the book store.

I'll take any excuse, but it's nice to have a good one.

patches said...

I couldn't help but notice the cameraman was very interested in your rack.To the bookstore!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's like we get a free book just for visiting! Love the story -- love the illustrations -- love the gnomes and the evil gnome queen (gee, don't we always love it when good triumphs over grumpy?)

Lewis Black -- whenever I see that guy perform (aka "rant"), I think half the fascination comes from wondering whether THIS will be the time he drops dead from a heart attack.

Maggie said...

Pare, and those were impromptu jazz hands! I agree about Lewis Black - did you sense my excitement? Now, cocktail? Your hands are empty and that just won't do.

De, I'm not sure the irreverance of Lewis Black will help you but it may add some humor to your quite serious ponderings. Is your husband Catholic? We have the same! I call these my geek glasses. I don't remember the number I used. It was Loreal Feria. I started with a brown that had some red in it. On my head it had a lot of red in it. So I dyed over the top of that with a medium brown of the same line. I like being a brunette. Goes with my eyes. Did you get a drink yet?

Clowncar, oh that is a good line. That makes me think also of Chicken Joe in Surf's Up when he's 'royal hottubbing'. LOL. Have you tried the hors d'oeuvres?

Meno, I'll take any too! Glad you came. Did you get a drink? This kind won't give you headaches, though the last blog party it led to dancing on top of tables. Feel free.

Patches, you are astute. I suppose you know who weilded the camera then. Heh. I'll have to remind him that a lot of other people will be seeing his handiwork. What pray tell does a cat drink at a party? I'm sure we can whip it up.

BigBouquet, I know what you mean about Lewis Black. I love when he's ranting and then he gets insanely intense. A very wry guy. I see you have a drink there, has the hors d'oeuvres tray passed you yet?

QT said...

sorry I'm so late to the party. Those babies/gnomes are SO,SO cute!

Excited for the book.

Gordo said...

Yup, I like the way this is starting ... :-)

Maggie said...

Neen, me too about the book, I don't know if you could tell.

Gordo, I think Mr. Black will be an excellent ice breaker. Speaking of ice, you don't have a drink. Let's get you one at the bar.

Mona Buonanotte said...

You are teh awesome!

Can I just say, I love Lewis Black? He can bear my two-headed love children Any. Day. Off to the bookstore!

Maggie said...

Mona, now there would be a site - two-headed progeny of Lewis Black. :)

Clowncar said...

I just put the book on hold, but our Podunk library doesn't have it yet. I may have to loiter in the bookstore and read a few pages at a time....

Anonymous said...

Damn. I had too much to drink and when I finally woke from my fog and got down to the bookstore, they didn't have it!!! Ordered today, shipping tomorrow. I think it's coming from PA. Maybe I'll just drive down there, if I don't have anything else going on.