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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


And the winner of the First Brown Book Project Book Opening of the First Book Goodie Bag isssssss........

Please email me at brownbooksblog-at-gmail-dot-com and give me your mailing address. I will get your prize out to asap!

Thank you all for participating. Don't forget that we start reading Mr. Black's book on Monday the 8th. Happy reading.

In other book news:

All you Neil Gaiman fans might want to know that he is once again offering one of his books online or downloadable for free this month only. This time around we're being treated with Neverwhere. Go to his blog to get the links and information.

Man wins prize for worst opening line in a novel - and believe me, he deserves the prize.

Palin tried to ban books as Mayor.


meno said...

Thank you for this, i am totally going to download Neverwhere.

Book banning is one of the lowest acts in all the world.

I'm not bitter about not winning. Really.

patches said...

Slick! Book is on my desktop.

Book Banning, Jesus! WHy not just forbid independent thought.

bigbouquet said...

Moi? Well, my, my. I can hardly believe it!



Maggie said...

Meno, I started Neverwhere today. I'm hoping to get it in before we start reading Lewis Black on Monday. I really love Neil Gaiman, and I despise those who want to ban books.

Patches, I have a sneaking suspicion that if the far right wing conservatives had their choice, yeah independent thought would be a big no no.

BigBouquet, speech speech!

QT said...

I am not a Gaiman fan...but I think you probably already guessed that about me...dont hate me! Buying the Lewis Black book today.

Maggie said...

Neen, yeah I kinda figured but I'm glad you're joining in for the first book! Hurrah!

Irrelephant said...

Dangit, Gustav set me back a freaking WEEK on blog reading and now on the BBProject. *weep*

bigbouquet said...

Irrelephant -- don't worry! The bar's still open!

Maggie said...

Irrelephant, man are you gonna be able to join us?

BigBouquet, should I take your keys?