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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What the Heck is This Blog???

Welcome to the Brown Book Project.

I'm Lynnea. Or more widely known as Maggie over at Mind Moss.

I've decided to out myself for this project. Why? Because I love books and reading. I've become aware through a family member's struggle with reading just how big a problem it is getting young people, and often times people in general to read.
Life is busy and full of media inundation. Who has time for reading when there are jobs to do, shows to watch, music sets to create, text messages to send and blogs to write (ahem)? But books are the glory of the world. In my humble opinion. So here and in real life, I am putting myself out there, making it my goal to encourage reading, to find a way to promote it in any way I can.

The project itself is this: I have bought 24 books. I wrapped them in plain brown paper and mixed them all up. I'm going to open them one at a time and read them cover to cover. Then we'll talk about the book. We'll tear it down or build it up. We'll delve into it's strengths and weaknesses, we'll find our individual likes and dislikes. And then we'll move on to the next. Here you will find book opening parties with give-aways, reviews, discussions of book news and just about anything that has to do with reading. I might even get in on some author interviews for blog book tours. I am going to be joining a reading marathon for charity at some point this year. I need your support for all of this. I need you coming here, commenting and getting involved. We're going to get our read on!

--Tune in next Monday for the list of books all wrapped up.


Irrelephant said...

I was wondering what the whole "Brown" thing was about. I was terrified you were going to do an all-UPS site, where you'd carefully pore over the service manuals for delivery trucks and want to debate the finer points of the UPS Standards And Operations Manual.


Bob said...

well, if you're as eclectic as black books, this'll be a smash.

Michael said...

what a fantastic idea!! It's like when I have to read a manuscript for work, knowing nothing about the book!

good luck, you've got my support. I've already added you to my Google Reader!

Cheesy said...

I've got your new site saved to favorites... this should be a hoot! What a great idea~~~
I'm with Irr... if it had been about UPS I- being a postie- would have had to boycott..hehehhe

Gordo said...

What a cool idea for a blog, Maggie/Lynnea! I'm extremely pleased that my eldest has inherited my love of reading. He burned through my collection of Hardy Boys books (a couple a day if he wants) over the winter and all of the Harry Potters this summer.

Tink said...

I love this idea. Books are like crack to me.

Pare said...

This is FANTASTIC. I can't wait to see how this all pans out.

[adding you to my reader right NOW]

Happy new beginning!

Clowncar said...

Great idea. Really.

Is there literally a pile of wrapped books? Or are you just pulling names from a hat? Or perhaps just reading whatever you want to read and telling us it was wrapped and in the pile?

Cuz that's what I'd probably do. Glad you are running this, and not I. Clearly, I can't be trusted.

meno said...

I hope you will let us know what book you unwrap so we can read it too.

QT said...

I'm here, i'm here!!

Gordo said...

meno's got a point: give us a day's notice on the book so that we can go out and grab it and read along. :-)

Nancy Dancehall said...

Sweet! This is going to be fun!

Clowncar would put his books in a pinata and read whatever fell out first.

Anonymous said...

Very cool idea! Love it and hope this blog takes off. Added you to my bookmarks!! Let's get reading!!

Mona Buonanotte said...

You overachiever you! :)

Great way to get us involved...would you believe I'm still not done with 'American Gods' yet because of (insert excuses here)? Maybe you can light a fire under my butt?! Go's a match....

Maggie said...

Irrelephant, yeah the UPS adoration blog is coming some other time - heh.

Bob, oh I'm eclectic - at least I like to think so.

Michael, wonderful about the reader! I am so glad to have your support. Thank you.

Cheesy, cool, you joined in too. We're going to have fun with this.

Gordo, that is impressive! It is so gratifying to see young kids getting into reading. Mine has been slow to take to it, but he's gaining speed every day.

Tink, I could tell. You read fast and a lot. I have always been such a slow reader, but it's still crack to me too.

Pare, welcome! I'm glad you're coming along for the ride. The more the merrier!

Clowncar, no there is an actual pile of books. In fact if you look at the banner image, it is the actual books wrapped in brown paper and ordered and numbered by my husband. I bought the books so I actually know the list of them, I just don't know which one is coming next. (I'll admit, I know where War and Peace is, it is hard to mistake).

Meno, oh you bet! The plan is to have a blog party each time I unwrap, do a give-away and not start reading until a few days later when the winner of the give-away is announced. That's the plan anyways.

Neen, I'm glad I'm glad! Thank you.

Gordo, see answer to Meno above. I wouldn't do that to you guys. I want you right along with me.

Nancy, yeah I bet he'd rig it so the books fell out the butthole too. I was so hoping you'd join with me too.

Stacijo, welcome welcome! Thank you and looking forward to getting to know you.

Mona, wanna know a secret? I've started and stopped reading at least 8 books this summer. Big reader's block as Michael called it. But we're both going to break through that starting with this project right?

D-Man said...

Good stuff.

I was a panelist on a national radio book club thing years ago. We'd talk about the book, interview the author.

I'm currently teaching my preschooler to read. And use nunchucks.

patches said...

I think I am the slowest reader ever, but we don't have to talk about that...

Sabra said...


I'm here!

Pfft to clowncar. I would wrap up all the books. But then I'd want to tie them with different colors of yarn, but that would skew the choosing, so then I'd agonize about whether to do it or not, and then the whole project would fall apart right there over a piece of colored string....

I'm very much a trees instead of the forest gal.

I'm scrawlwrite said...

waiting for the list. Not sure if I'll be able to read along each time because i'm planning to join a book club at the local community college in which we'll read/discuss a book every two weeks. That's about how long it will take me to read each of the books, so I'll already be maxed out and I just "remembered" the book list I posted in January that I've only gotten about half through....

as the sign at the check out desk at my library says... so many books, so little time.

(oh, I wanted to use anon! It's me, De.)

Maggie said...

D-Man, maybe I should incorporate nun-chucks into my project here?

Patches, I happen to know you're one sharp cat - the speed of your read is not the measure of your mind. (Ooh that came out kinda t-shirt good didn't it?)

Sabra, you're a funny trees lady. I love the string idea actually but I'm betting I'd just end up getting them all tangled and then I'd be frustrated and think, "I always mess up the pretty stuff". Still a tomboy after all these years.

De, well I'll excuse you from reading along if you visit me here often! wink wink. If we're lucky maybe one or two of the books I have will be something your group reads.

Maggie, Dammit said...

OK, you left me out but I tracked you down anyway! (I will not be denied when it comes to books and secret societies, dammit!)

But, I'm gonna have to keep calling you Maggie, if you don't mind. Otherwise my head will pop right off, and nobody wants that. Nobody wants that.

Great idea!

egan said...

This is a fantastic idea. I already see how disruptive a tv can be to our littlest members of society. Books can be disruptive, but in a very great way. I'm proud you've taken on such a noble project. I'd love to help out. Bon courage mon amie!

Lynnea said...

Maggie, Dammit, I didn't leave you out. I just was afraid to you know, bother you. You're so busy. But I'm glad you came and next time I start a secret, or not so secret society, you'll be the first person I bug.

Egan, thank you so much. Any and all support is welcome and desperately needed. I mean that from the bottom of my groveling heart.

Jo said...

Gah, sorry it's taken me so long. I lose my mind for 2 weeks & now you've started a cult & your name is Lynnea? Wheee, I love it!

Fantastic project, I'm so impressed with you. I loved the book opening ceremony...your underlings are so cute.