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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kid's Corner - Our Current Books

I recently purchased Moosetache by Margie Palatini and illustrated by Henry Cole, for reading to the kids. Mooseltoe, shown below, I had bought a couple of years ago from a Scholastic Reader order form. I have always loved the story and cadence which rolls right off the tongue. When I saw that, in fact, Moosetache came first, I decided to get it too. It shares that same rhythm that I find so fun to read aloud. I have always loved reading aloud to my kids. I use different voices for different characters and often find myself so into the reading that I gesture wildly and even stand and act out the stories. When a book has a great rhythm, that just moves me more. These two books are a delight to read and the children ask me for them repeatedly.

Remember, reading to your kids is the beginning of a love for reading. And it counts as reading for you and them!


meno said...

Is that our first book????


Maggie said...

Noooooooooooooo. Man, we'd take a week to buy it and two minutes to read it. Haha ha. You silly lady.

Pare said...

Everything I am - as a reader, writer, and person - is because my mother read to me every night before bed. I firmly believe that.

patches said...

Thank you for showcasing a selection on my reading level. Does this series rival Dr Seuss?

egan said...

I was hoping this was our first book too. This sounds like a fun book. I also like changing my voice for different characters. They usually don't sound any different though.

Anonymous said...

I haven't run across this on my own. Off to search for it in my library catalog.

I was so proud of Fiona, she turned in two book logs to her teacher today, totaling 95 books she read this summer. One of my friends told me that her daughter (entering grade 2) did not read one single book this summer, and I remember her telling me (proudly!) that their bedtime was so streamlined because she doesn't read to them. I was dumbstruck.

Anonymous said...

Holy schmoly! They have dozens of her books (but not Moosetache). We just returned Gorgonzola yesterday, no wonder bells were ringing.

Maggie said...

Pare, those are the times I remember fondly. My mother went through a phase and read all of the Laura Ingalls books to me. Then we read Little Women. Reading to your kids is so important.

Patches, I believe it does yes. What I love here is that she doesn't always rhyme. Sometimes she uses alliteration, sometimes rhyme and sometimes just rhythm. But throughout the books she utilizes many words meaning the same thing which is great for expanding children's vocabulary.

Egan, you make me laugh. Your daughter I'm sure would love these too.

De, oh man you and your daughter should be proud. And your friend should be ashamed of herself. Thinking this is a good thing. I hope she reads to her daughter another time during the day?

Irrelephant said...

I started reading to my daughter while she was still in utero. I swear to this day that when she was born she responded more readily to my voice than her mother's.

The reading aloud thing, with voices and all I firmly credit for getting my own little one firmly entrenched as A Reader. I'd have it no other way. *S*