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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Brown Book List #1

Below you will find the list of 24 books I purchased for the first edition of the Brown Book Project. While I do know the books I bought, of course, I do not know the order they are now arranged in. If you'd prefer to be completely surprised, please skip this post!

I've included the ISBN numbers so that you can easily ask for the books at your local shop. Next Tuesday will be the first book opening party, make sure you attend and leave comments for the give-away. Happy reading my fellow bookworms!

1. Naked - David Sedaris -- short stories ISBN 978-0316777735

2. Portrait of a Lady - Henry James -- classic ISBN 978-0140622492

3. In Defense of Food - Michael Pollen -- non-fiction ISBN 978-1594201455

4. What Happened - Scott McClellan -- political non-fiction ISBN 978-1586485566

5. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - David Wroblowski -- fiction ISBN 978-0385664783

6. Three Cups of Tea - Greg Mortensen -- non-fiction ISBN 978-0143038252

7. On Chesil Beach - Ian McKewan -- fiction ISBN 978-0676978827

8. Panic in Level 4 - Richard Preston -- science non-fiction ISBN 978-1400064908

9. Me of Little Faith - Lewis Black -- comedy ISBN 978-1594489945

10. Gang Leader for a Day - Sudhir Venkatesh -- non-fiction ISBN 978-1594201509

11. Zookeeper's Wife - Diane Ackerman -- non-fiction ISBN 978-0393061727

12. War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy -- classic ISBN 978-0307266934

13. I am America So Can You - Stephen Colbert -- comedy ISBN 978-0446580502

14. World Without Us - Alan Weisman -- science fiction ISBN 978-1554682263

15. Sharp Teeth - Toby Barlow -- epic poem ISBN 978-0061430220

16. Mudbound - Hillary Jordan -- fiction ISBN 978-1554681921

17. Wicked - Gregory Maguire -- fantasy ISBN 978-0060987107

18. The Traveler - John Twelve Hawks -- science fiction ISBN 978-0770429720

19. Coraline - Neil Gaiman -- fantasy ISBN 978-0380807345

20. Dirty Wow Wow - Cheryl Katz -- short stories ISBN 978-1580088329

21. Truck: A Love Story - Michael Perry -- fiction ISBN 978-0060571184

22. Dear American Airlines - Jonathon Miles -- fiction ISBN 978-0547054018

23. The Savage Detectives - Robert Bolano -- fiction ISBN 978-0312427481

24. The Eyre Affair - Jasper Fforde -- science fiction ISBN 978-0142001806

Some book news to peruse:

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Crafter's Alert: Cute Stuff by Aranzi Aranzo - have you seen this book? Apparently all the rage from Japan. Described as "Hello Kitty with attitude".


Gordo said...

What a varied list! I already have #3, but haven't started yet, so I'll wait until you do and #19 is already on my reading list. :-)

meno said...

I've read some of these, and am really looking forward to reading the rest.

Carry on...

Maggie said...

Gordo, awesome! They may not end up being #3 or #19 read though so it will be fun to see where we land with them.

Meno, cool! Read with me and the ones you've already finished, get ready to throw your opinion in the ring.

patches said...

I like how diverse this list is. I'm looking forward to reading your mind, uh, I mean your thoughts, on the books.

QT said...

I have only read two books on the list, but I don't mind reading them again. I guess I will {gasp} now start reading more fiction...

Clowncar said...

A most excellent list, Magpie.

My wife gave me The Savage Detectives for Christmas and it's still unread, waiting for your bookclub to come along! Plus, I've read Wicked and Coraline. And my Dad has the Colbert book in his bathroom, so I read a random 5 pages or so at least once a week.

Thanks for putting this all together.

Maggie said...

Patches, I knew you were some kind of supercat. Are you superhero or supervillain? Hmmm?

Qt, ok, hopefully I won't be the cause of your reading demise. I can see it now, she spins off into a spiral of reading trashy soft porn and blames Brown Books...

Clowncar, you're welcome. I'm just so thrilled that so many of you want to read along with me. It is what I hoped for.

Anonymous said...

the only one I've already read is Wicked. Without verifying, I don't think any of these is on either of my two other book lists, not that that makes any difference.

Lynnea said...

De, do what you can. If its too much to do this one I'll understand. But dammit I should come first! (OK I know that's not true)